orangedental Gebäude Vorderseite in Biberach

orangedental = 20 years of “Premium Innovations”

Top quality + top service + reliability

As a reliable partner of our dealers, orangedental (Biberach/Riss) has been continuously expanding
its innovative and high-quality product portfolio in the field of digital dentistry since 1998. The focus is
on first-class service and prompt support. The 7-day/week hotline support is unique since 2006.

orangedental offers you the most considerable, digital, dental X-ray product range in the Germanspeaking region. In the 3D/2D, CEPH and intraoral areas, the spectrum ranges from absolute worldclass products to “best value” products of outstanding quality.

orangedental’s product portfolio is divided into 6 areas:

1. 3D/2D large scale X-ray

Since 2007, orangedental has been setting ever higher standards worldwide with VATECH and has
just set the world record again with the
Greennxt 8/12/16/18 within 4.9 sec. 3D rotation and the CEPH
scan within 1.9 sec. scan time. This ensures minimal movements artifacts and perfect image quality.
PaX-i INSIGHT: See everything in 41 panorama layers.

2. Freecorder®BlueFox / OpTra®Dent

With the OpTra®Dent software for jaw joint movement measurement, patient-specific movement and
position data of the lower jaw as well as the 3D geometry of the joint spaces can be digitally recorded
with high precision and exported as a XML file.

3. Intraoral X-ray

Considering intraoral X-ray, orangedental also offers world class products like the x-on®tubeAIR
X-ray unit from VATECH, the x-on®scan imaging plate scanner and the EzSensor HD from Vatech
(sizes 1, 1.5 and 2).

4. byzznxt – Software since 1998

The open software with the most interfaces to external devices on the market is a central element of
orangedental’s success strategy. The dentist can see “everything relevant” at a glance. Implant
planning is perfectly integrated into the service processes for creating prosthetics and drilling
templates. With the
byzznxt, all common imaging systems can be controlled via one platform and all
image data can be patient-specifically saved, even for multiple practices.

5. Innovative special devices for diagnostics, therapy and prophylaxis

®: Unique is the automated pa-on® paro probe, which doesn´t only measure very accurately
and painlessly (with max. 20 g pressure), but can also output the measurement data in a meaningful
way, which is highly motivating for the patients.
c-on®nxt: The only fully digital intraoral camera with automatic image rotation.

6. Loupe system opt-on® / spot-on®nxt / spot-on®cordfree

Simply ingenious and super light: The opt-on® loupe, which convinces with a top quality of only 32 g.
opt-on® is the only TTL loupe of which the working distance can be changed afterwards using the
patented Vario clip. In combination with