orangedental Gebäude Vorderseite in Biberach

orangedental = 20 years of “Premium Innovations”

Top quality + top service + reliability

As a reliable partner of our dealers, orangedental (Biberach/Riss) has been continuously expanding
its innovative and high-quality product portfolio in the field of digital dentistry since 1998. The focus is
on first-class service and prompt support. The 7-day/week hotline support is unique since 2006.

orangedental offers you the most considerable, digital, dental X-ray product range in the Germanspeaking region. In the 3D/2D, CEPH and intraoral areas, the spectrum ranges from absolute worldclass products to “best value” products of outstanding quality.

orangedental’s product portfolio is divided into 6 areas:

1. 3D/2D large scale X-ray

Since 2007, orangedental has been setting ever higher standards worldwide with VATECH and has
just set the world record again with the
Greennxt 8/12/16/18 within 4.9 sec. 3D rotation and the CEPH
scan within 1.9 sec. scan time. This ensures minimal movements artifacts and perfect image quality.
PaX-i INSIGHT: See everything in 41 panorama layers.

2. Freecorder®BlueFox / OpTra®Dent

With the OpTra®Dent software for jaw joint movement measurement, patient-specific movement and
position data of the lower jaw as well as the 3D geometry of the joint spaces can be digitally recorded
with high precision and exported as a XML file.

3. Intraoral X-ray

Considering intraoral X-ray, orangedental also offers world class products like the x-on®tubeAIR
X-ray unit from VATECH, the x-on®scan imaging plate scanner and the EzSensor HD from Vatech
(sizes 1, 1.5 and 2).

4. byzznxt – Software since 1998

The open software with the most interfaces to external devices on the market is a central element of
orangedental’s success strategy. The dentist can see “everything relevant” at a glance. Implant
planning is perfectly integrated into the service processes for creating prosthetics and drilling
templates. With the