Dental Loupe opt–on®

>> Light weight of only 32g

>> Heavy weight in quality of vision

Wear it all day long and hardly notice it

>> Light weight of only 32g

>> Sportive, aesthetic design

>> Wearing comfort and greater field of view all day long
>> Continuous putting on and depositing off of the glasses is no longer necessary thus reducing risk of cross infection

Do you already have glasses? No problem!

>> The correction adapter triatches the loupe to your personal visual acuity. Your acuity profile
can be adapted at any time by simply changing the glasses, if your acuity changes

Super sharp vision

>> Focus on central field of view by maximum reduction of stray light
>> 3-lens system with two glass lenses and one aspheric lens according to state-of-the-art calculations for maximum depth of field

Maximum depth of field

>> Quality optics made in Germany

Lupenbrille opt-on Frontal Ansicht


>> Glasses made of robust premium-quality plastics

Flattened geometry of oculars

>> Facilitates looking over the oculars conveniently to patient and colleagues

>> No annoying limitations of vision (smart window)

>> Pleasant change of vision from distance to near = the eye relaxes
>> Pat. pending

Flexible working angle