Motion capturing

>> Innovative diagnostics and therapy
>> Analog and digital implementation

>> Freecorder®BlueFox is an optoelectronic registration device to record the patient-specific jaw movement and the individual jaw position. The movement data and position data can be integrated in XML format into the - analog or digital - workflow.

Joint space analysis

>> The visualization of 3D joint spaces and their therapeutic correction under screen control navigated in realtime open up new dimensions in diagnostics and therapy.


>> Movement and position data can be used in analog and digital workflows.

Application in analog processes

>> The software generates the set values in a technical data sheet used to program Arcon articulators and the FastLink®assembly table individually, which ensures the transfer of models in relation to the hinge axis.

The new OpTra®Dent software...

>> ...combines a modern and attractive appearance with an intuitively operable user interface,
>> ...stands out due to its simplified patient management,
>> ...enables the generation of individual measuring reports and
>> ...enables data export and import.

High precision

>> Precise capturing of fast movements including jaw joint clicking due to the high recording speed of 100 (!) images per second.


>> The ultralight carbon reference bow is fitted quickly and easily like an eyeglass frame.
>> The light weight prevents neuromuscular perturbations and thus biased measurement results.


>> The 4D video recording device measures by means of LED, therefore radiation is not required.

Accurately fitting

>> The Computer-Assisted Repositioner (CAR) corrects possible errors in bite registration.