Motion capturing

Freecorder®BlueFox is an optoelectronic registration device to record the patient-specific jaw movement and the individual jaw position.
The movement data and position data can be integrated in XML format into the – analog or digital – workflow.


Movement and position data can be used in analog and digital workflows.

High Precision

Precise capturing of fast movements, including jaw joint clicking due to the high recording speed of 100 (!) images per second.


The ultralight carbon reference bow is fitted quickly and easily like an eyeglass frame.
The light weight prevents neuromuscular perturbations and thus biased measurement results.

Accurately fitting

The Computer-Assisted Repositioner (CAR) corrects possible errors in bite registration.

The new OpTra®Dent software…

combines a modern and attractive appearance with an intuitively operable user interface,

stands out due to its simplified patient management,

enables the generation of individual measuring reports and

enables data export and import.


The 4D video recording device measures by means of LED, therefore radiation is not required.

Application in analog processes

The software generates the set values in a technical data sheet used to program Arcon articulators and the FastLink®assembly table individually, which ensures the transfer of models in relation to the hinge axis.