The Smart-Light – simply ingenious – Quality made in Germany

spot-on cordfree Produktfoto

>> cordfree = Working easily without cables
>> Extremely light weight of only 18g for permanent, pleasant wearing comfort
>> Easy handling via touchbutton
>> Quick battery change without removing the loupes

>> Configurable by tapping: Continuous light or angle related automatic switch-off (3 levels), increases energy efficiency + glare protection

Working position (head down):
The spot–on®cordfree shines

Work is interrupted (straight head):
The spot–on®cordfree turns off

3 brightness grades:
>> 20,000 lx; max. 1,0 hours permanent light
>> 15,000 lx; max. 1,5 hours permanent light
>> 10,000 lx; max. 2,0 hours permanent light

>> Two mounting possibilities:

orangefilter to delay light curing

>> If the filter is not needed, it can simply be elevated
>> Magnet provides firm hold in two positions (folded up and down)
>> orangefilter available optionally



Fester Adapter für spot-on nxt

Charging station:

>> One charging station for two batteries
>> Charging time for one battery of only approx. 1 hour
>> Battery charge indicator