spot on nxt

The “High-Light” simply brilliant

>> Light weight of only 7g for permanent, pleasant wearing comfort
>> 45,000 lx; max. 3 hours permanent light
>> 30,000 lx; max. 6 hours permanent light
>> 20,000 lx; max. 9 hours permanent light

Two mounting possibilities:



Fester Adapter für spot-on nxt


>> Exceptional delay of light curing

>> orangefilter available optionally

Power charge

>> Small weight of 85g

>> Battery life of up to nine hours

>> Charging time of only three hours


>> Use “One-Touch” to change and indicate the light intensity in three stages (yellow)

>> Three-stage battery charge indicator (green)

>> Smooth surface for maximum hygiene


>> Supply or charging with one magnetic connector only (prevents short-circuits)

>> When the cable tightens, the magnetic connector disengages and prevents cable break


>> Convenient clip for waist, belt or pocket

>> Optional fit for arm in two sizes (length of 31cm or 36cm)

Armband für spot on nxt - Praktische Spange für Gürtel oder Tasche