Mann und Frau tragen protect-on infektionsschutz in Kombination mit opt-on

The optimal protection against infection incl. loupe opt-on®
(Upgrading/retrofitting spot-on® light systems possible)

Dentists and staff in dental practices are particularly at risk from aerosols and face protection should be mandatory during treatment. To ensure that users of opt-on® loupes are optimally protected against droplet infection, we have developed the “protect-on” face shield, which is perfectly adapted to the loupes.

“protect-on” consists of a tear-resistant, highly transparent and lightweight special PET film and is easily attached to the loupe by means of a special magnetic system (Pat. Pending). “protect-on” fits on opt-on® loupes with and without spot-on® light system and provides optimum protection against infection for patients and staff in the practice. “protect-on” can be purchased either to retrofit opt-on® loupes or directly as “opt-on®protect” (with faceshield) when ordering new orangedental loupes.

>>  ”protect-on” can be attached very quickly and easily to your opt-on® loupe by using a magnetic bridge
>>  ”protect-on” also works in combination with the light systems spot-on®cordfree and spot-on®nxt (Pat. Pending)
>> Hygienic and high-quality PET face protection shields ensure optimum safety
>> Best possible communication with staff and patients