pa– on®

>> Periodontal status made easy. The periodontal status is part of regular patient findings and continues to be collected more and more often within the scope of dental hygiene. You can recognize periodontal diseases early and minimize their risks. pa-on simplifies and standardizes the recording of the periodontal status. The measurement results are immediately visible in the periodontal chart.

>> automated and controlled measurement. During one probing, the depth of the pocket, attachment loss and recession are automatically determined and transmitted to the practice management system. Significant advantages: no chair-side assistance needed to document the measurement results.

>> completely integrated into the practice software. The measurements are transferred directly into the byzz Paro or the practice management software. The findings are immediately visualized in the periodontal chart, and can be easily used for patient communication.

>> standardized measurements. The sterile disposable tip is calibrated to applying a standardized force of 20 g (0,2N). This provides precise, standardized and delegable results – even between different operators. The patients usually perceice the measurement with pa-on as less painful in comparison to a regular metal probe.

>> Measurement procedure as usual. All common measurement procedures can be set via the software, e.g., number of measurements, points per tooth, recession, bleeding index – so, the practice doesn‘t have to change its usual procedures.

pa-on info graphic
pa-on info graphic