The user of byzz nxt must be familiar with the use of the operating system and be able to read the supplied operating instructions.

Assessing dental images requires that the viewing conditions are taken into account. For dental x-rays the provisions and standards that apply at the site of installation (e.g., the Germany Quality Assurance Guideline) must be complied with.

The computer on which byzz nxt is used must be located outside the patient surroundings, that is, the area the patient can touch during the treatment, or the computer must satisfy the additional safety requirements that apply for this area.

Imaging procedures

byzz nxt is a software product that is intended for displaying and archiving image data from different sources and provides various functions for image processing, including measurement functions. All measurements of 2D objects require that the image display is first calibrated to its true dimensions.

In general, byzz nxt software receives image data from device interfaces of the imaging hardware. For 3D datasets, byzz nxt can save the image data originating from a third software program in its database and then subsequently return the data to the third software program.

The application of any imaging procedure to patient groups, body parts / diagnostic issues is exclusively the purpose of the imaging hardware and is not the purpose of the byzz nxt software. As a result, the user of byzz nxt must comply with the information and warnings that are included in the operating instructions for these devices.

Data integrity

Any imaging procedure that is connected to the byzz nxt software must be tested after installation and before the first use on a patient.

The person responsible for operating the byzz nxt software must be familiar with local regulations pertaining to the processing of patient data, data security, and archiving using backup systems.