If the software is used in a patient environment, the computer system deployed must comply with either the IEC 60950 or IEC 60601-1 standards.

Please always ensure that your equipment, connections, and cables are in faultless condition. Never use components that are visibly damaged or that have been exposed to exceptional stresses.

Carry out a daily data backup. Always back your data up before installing new software or updating existing software. Your specialist wholesaler or computer retailer will be able to advise your regarding these procedures.

All image enhancement and measurement tools from byzz nxt are intended solely to support your diagnosis. All diagnoses and possible treatments must be based on your clinical knowledge and experience.

No claim is made that the byzz nxt image processing tools can replace a diagnostic assessment by a dentist.

Please follow the relevant manufacturer’s information and instructions for use when using other devices.

Electromagnetic disturbance (e.g., radio telephones) can lead to image losses when taking x-ray images. For this reason, only devices with CE marking should be used in your x-ray workplace.

This software should only be used by trained dental personnel because unintended program termination can lead to image losses.

The operator of the x-ray equipment is responsible for complying with the legal requirements for x-ray imaging.

At this point we would like to point out the obligation for regular constancy testing of the sensors used.

The calibration values for certain small x-ray sensors may only be entered by trained service personnel. Changes to these values can lead to incorrect measurements.

When correctly calibrated, the accuracy of the length measurement is 0.02 mm or 1% for gray-scale measurements. Please check the correct settings for the absolute image size before length measurements.

byzz nxt is not intended for use in combination with software for controlling or monitoring critical functions (e.g., for monitoring patient vital signs). We therefore request that you refrain from using byzz nxt with such software.

To ensure that your data are secure and the privacy of your patients is protected, we request that you comply with the instructions in the “Guidelines for IT Security” published by the German Federal Office for Information Security. The guideline can be found at: